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Default Challenge 7 - Winners Announced!

Hi guys,

Here are the results of this great challenge, it was great to see high quality works produced in memory of Clement Sauve. Well done to all participants

Here are the results!



Click image for larger version

Name:	ericSpitlerWinner.jpg
Views:	3562
Size:	220.7 KB
ID:	5866

Judges Comments:

Ben Huen :
" Really nice job on capturing Clement Sauve’s style! I like the use of hard edges to explain form especially around the forearm and fingers. Clement’s work always has
clean appealing shapes in his drawings and you’ve captured it in your model."

Rodrigue Pralier :
" very close to Clement's style, good interpretation of the drawing but could have been a bit more angular on the folds. Really like the hand and head"

Kolby Jukes :
"Good execution on the concept, really solid translation of Sauve’s style, especially like what you did with the face and hair."

Paul Richards :
" Eric comes the closest to nailing a Clem character in its totality -- facial expression, stance, economy. Clem's stuff is not laden with superfluous surface detail, which was something I saw cropping up in some of the more zealous 2D entries. Clem only spent strokes where they were needed -- to show forms turning or materials changing. Eric has locked in on this, giving us only what's essential. There's rest in the model, just as there's rest in the drawings, resulting in an immediate, clear "read."

2nd Place:
Daniel Adami!

Click image for larger version

Name:	Adami2nd.jpg
Views:	2407
Size:	216.4 KB
ID:	5867

Ben Huen :
"Very cool interpretation of his work! It’s very interesting take on the captain and the model shows off that design and looks very Clement. "

Rodrigue Pralier :
"I like the model without the color, the proportions really captured Clement's style. Good work on capturing the essence of the character and Clement's style."

Kolby Jukes :
"Again a very good execution on the concept. Really like the silhouette and the posing."

3rd Place:
Richard Durant!

Click image for larger version

Name:	DickDurant3rd.jpg
Views:	2231
Size:	302.1 KB
ID:	5868

Ben Huen :
"Dick mentioned that he would’ve liked the final to look more stylized and I agree, but for me, the most important part of a model is to capture the spirit of the concept which he did very well. J His over sized accessories look heavy and the weight distribution is nice."

Rodrigue Pralier :
" the proportions are there, the attitude is there, the weight of the props is there the folds could have been more angular and the helmet and color don't give justice to the model, good capture of the "character" but not so much the style."

Paul Richards:
"We might as well call this one "Little Kid With Big Helmet." What Richard has really captured here is the weight of Clem's design. The sagging, oversized backpack. The doubled-over shoe lips and trailing boot straps. Everything on this kid is just way too big for him, and that's exactly what's communicated in the original drawing. Even though it's done in a style Dick describes as "realistic-ish", it still conveys that gravity, and that's a key component here."

The judges also voted for:

john seventine

Paul Richards:
" I'm giving this my #1 pick even though it's a partially realized bust. It demonstrates an appreciation for Clem's plucky characterizations, and perhaps John knew it would make us all chuckle seeing it realized in 3D. Character is something missing from a lot of concept design, and even when a modeler manages to nail the "elements", they sometimes lose sight of the "essence." Hugo has that essence."


Pascal Raimbault:
"Great details in the suit design, very cool props and robot. I'd love to see this one translated in 3d."

Ben Huen :
" I chose this one because of the great amount of detail and it shows an understanding of Clement’s design language. The little robot is very cool."


Pascal Raimbault:
"Lovely model, lots of details. I like the top part better, pants folds could be revisited but overall a great effort."


Pascal Raimbault:
"I like the asymetry in the design, how it flows from one side to the other. That gun would be quite heavy to carry! "

Congrats to all!

Attached Thumbnails
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Name:	spittyIcon.jpg
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Size:	36.2 KB
ID:	5865  
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